flyRen’s vision is:
to be a leading independent green power producer (IPP) and a dominant force in the e-mobility revolution.

Empowering a
unique core belief

Italian green-energy-only producer with a 100% vertically integrated business model.

Experienced, multi-skilled team with strong local presence and contacts.

Well-established global partnerships and network with high long-term commitments.

Present in the entire renewable assets value chain: from origination, development, ownership to asset management.

Track record of developing >400 MWp of renewable assets.

One the biggest EV charging infrastructure in Eastern Europe and the most user friendly EV experience in Italy.

Highest development authorization rate in the markets.

Trustworthy experience combined with a unique access to decision makers.

Transforming the energy market
More demand and CO2 Reduction

flyRen’s purpose is to be a leading player in the once in ten generations energy transition revolution

flyRen Recharge


Electrification of Everything

Electric vehicles heating and cooling of buildings, water heating and much more: electricity is rapidly becoming the most crucial asset to determine how are society and economies are evolving.

flyRen Grow


An unstoppable energy need

Think of a global economy growing at an average rate of 3.4% per year, a population that expands from 7.4 billion today to more than 9 billion in 2040, and a process of urbanisation that adds a city the size of Shanghai to the world’s urban population every four months*.These are the key figures that underpin our projections of a urgent need for 30% more energy from today to 2040.

flyRen Co2


Transition to a new energy system

To produce more energy with less or zero CO2 emissions has become a central policy and the political driver for many countries across the world. And it’s probably the only solution available to avoid catastrophic consequences with climate change. Renewable energy sources and a leap forward in the green transition will underlie this huge transformation.