flyRen Energy Group SpA is one of the leading Italian players in the renewable energy arena.
And it’s one of the few renewable business platform fully dedicated to clean energy.

flyRen Energy Group SpA
is the unique Italian business platform 100%
dedicated to renewable energy

  • Development platform born to perform.
  • 15 years old established business with track records and a skilled, dedicated team.
  • Joint ownership with Ignis Energia SA of Spain in order to deliver first class renewables parks, using all the green technologies: solar, wind, storage, hydrogen.
  • A flexible open architecture for developing assets with environment in mind.


- Italian Renewable market in excess of 4 GW / year.
- Grid parity is here to stay – irradiation, capex costs, and electricity prices are increasingly matching expected returns.
- EU directives and national legislation are encouraging investments in a thriving market.

  • the 100% green charging network owner and operator that is taking Italy by storm: ONLY renewable energy!
  • flyElectric has the best user experience in the flyElectric app, and the most comprehensive back end solution to manage the network.
  • flyElectric has built the cluster for charging stations in Moldova, delivering 60 chargers in operation and more than 200 points of service in pipeline.
  • More than 2000 clients, over 150,000 kWh in total, 17.500 charging sessions.
  • 10 flyElectric chargers in operation in the centre north of Italy, delivering fast and reliable green energy to our users, and expanding.

Italian Market Growth

Strong network under development in Italy with forecast of 2.200 charging stations to be connected in less than 3 years.
Commitment to deliver the best user experience and customer service
Acquisition of networks of existing, authorized or connected stations.

  • With experience drawn from the development of the assets, flyConstruction is playing a crucial role in value chain creation with the best post authorisation and asset management support in Italy.
  • With its highly skilled team, several risk factors can be mitigated while improving efficiency, efficacy and independency.


- Improved cost predictability.
- Minimized asset downtime.
- Full transparency.

Proud of the word "Only":
Only Renewables.

Track record

400 MWp
40 Plants

Investments generated

$ 1 Billion
since 2007

Team renewable track record

10 years per Member
in 4 Continents

Creation of flyRen first company

100% dedicated to clean Energy


built by Group

> 398 MWp

total authorized FIT capacity with > 197 MWp deployed to grid

Built Moldova’s

largest PV plant

ACEA Agreement

Entered grid parity Development Agreement with ACEA SpA, utility

GrupoTec SA Agreement

Project Development Agreement with GrupoTec SA

First 200MWp

under development with ACEA, GrupoTec, other selected partners

Moldova EV recharging

Built the leading emobility and EV recharging infrastructure in Moldova

Ignis Agreement

Development Partnership Agreement with Ignis Partners S.L.

Ignis joint operations

Ignis enters in 50% ownership of flyRen Development Srl

flyElectric Italy is born

flyElectric to become the leading high-end EV charging infrastructure in Italy within 30 months

Capital increase and SpA

Reorganisation to better deploy and run renewable assets and to build and operate the leading high-end EV charging infrastructure for Italy

IPP growth

Deployment of up to 3000 highend EV chargers and deployment at least 500 MWp operating renewable assets in Italy

Selected Partner