Renewables only:
A true force of nature

flyRen’s purpose is to be a leading independent green power producer (IPP) and a trailblazer in the e-mobility revolution.

our mission

100% renewables

Secured ready-to-build pipeline >1GW solar and wind >1GW storage

Support in all the phases of post authorisation processes, management of construction, asset management

Established global partnerships with high long-term commitments

Talented, multicultural and experienced team with local presence and contacts.

Sustainable Development and Return, with local communities in mind

Return on investment, but respecting the needs of the community and the environment in which we operate.

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The culture of clean energy



Carlo Arturo Garuzzo
Founder, Chairman, Philantropist

“Our energy model needs to change. Our dependence on traditional sources (oil, coal and natural gas) is no longer sustainable, as climate change and the natural disasters our planet is suffering have made clear”

Andrea Matteo Orzan
flyRen Development Co-founder and Co-CEO, Shareholder

“flyRen Energy Group is actively committed to reducing pollution by producing clean, renewable energy and participating in the initiative that are increasing all around the Globe. We do this by providing our stakeholders - whether they be the communities in which we have plants, institutional and other investors, or simply the places in which the company operates - with an approach to Sustainable Development and Return”.

Enrico Rao
Shareholder, CFO

“Investors that look for a real Green Opportunity should see our company as a valuable vehicle to deliver not only high returns, but especially for our attention on environmental themes and strategy. We are proud to say that ESG are not only words but real elements we breath in our daily activities”.


flyRen Energy Group